A Young Man that Loves the world of WDW.


He currently dons a Dark Green Pirate’s Coat with a Curved Cutlass. Although he isn’t proficient, he can be found using the blade in battle quite often. Besides his equipment, he wears newbie-spawned clothing.


He is secretive about who he really is due to his wanting to forget his old life, and live in this new one. He seems to have a vast knowledge of MMO’s and treats WDW as another game, despite knowing the contrary. It has been revealed that her perceptive of others’ emotions, as he shows many players Empathy, but possesses an immense rage toward immoral players. He wishes to make the best of his new life, and become someone important, but shows many selfless traits in the process. His goal is to be a well respected and admired player on WDW.

His life had been threatened many times now, but he doesn’t see his life more valuable than an others, and will gladly risk it for the greater good. He also has a tendency to mock those he fears, but only to show then and himself that scared or not, he will stand up for what he believes.

Information of his life outside of WDW can be found under Lucas Yzmier.


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