Eren Cowen

The dropout that seeks freedom from WDW


A college dropout, Eren spends most of his time playing video games to reconcile with his own failures in life. He’s generally a cool guy to talk to, though a bit distant at times when meeting others in person. He enjoys role-playing, however, and finds it as another escape for what he refers to as “his trainwreck of a life.” Most clubs or other activities he tried were bad fits, was a straight C student for most of high school. He flunked out of most of his classes at college and lacked any interest in furthering his life, becoming more content with staying home with his widowed mom and adoptive sister. He had no aspirations for the future, and no interest in goals to achieve.

To be honest, his avatar is what he wishes he could be, but lacks the motivation to turn into. Someone more driven, determined… someone that wasn’t him.

He sees roleplay as an escape from his many failures, and he feels as though portraying other people is better than being himself. To him, roleplay is the only thing that truly brings him joy, and as such, hates when others make fun of him for it.

He had few friends in real life because of his behavior and his tendency to distance himself. One of his more close friends, Annie, is the one who told Eren about WDW, and she’d planned to start playing as well when it was shipped to her house about a week after the game’s initial release.

He currently lives with his mom and his adoptive sister, Mikasa. His mom often teases Eren for his interests, but seems to fully support them, even though she knows their family is bordering on complete collapse. They are in great debt, and may very well lose their house, car and many other related things, though Eren and Mikasa are unaware of this for the most part. Eren’s father apparently progressively became more and more distant, seemingly living a second life according to Eren’s mom. One day, 10 years ago, Eren’s father went missing and hasn’t been found since.

Now that he is trapped in WDW, his main goal is to get back home. Although he recognized that WDW had potential as a creative outlet, he’s still quite attached to the old world. As much as he hated the route his life had taken, it was still a life he may have been able to change.

Eren Cowen

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