Gwenivere Levi Rivialle

Real world All-Star trapped in a video game


Age: 19
Hair: Pink/Red
Eyes: Sea Blue
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 120lbs.
D.O.B: May 15th, 2009


Gwen is an active girl. She plays several sports (Soccer, Softball, Ballet, and Volleyball), and spars with her brother on her free time. She plays video games when she can, and likes hanging out at the Local internet cafe where she sits on Tumblr and Youtube until she’s bored. Loves pastries, and candies, and soda.

Born into a high-class family, Gwenivere was destined for great things, until she found out she wasn’t what her father wanted. She was broken-hearted when she learned that he wanted two sons. She decided to make up for it by doing everything she could to meet his expectations. Gwen became an All-Star. She pushed herself to her limits as she partook in Several sports and recreational activities. On top of that, she managed to keep her grades up in her AP classes. She somehow manages to find time to Spar with her brother (who teaches Karate), and have personal free time at the local internet cafe and bakery, and play videogames.

Two years ago, Gwen lost her mother to a car accident; She found out in the 7th inning stretch of her softball championships. She refused to play the rest of the game, feeling like she was somehow responsible for her mother’s accident.

Several months after, she met Markus; a 21 year old who seemed sympathetic about Gwen’s situation. She told him everything about herself, ranging for everything she did for sports and school, to more personal information (her few hospital stays). They got along quite well, until Gwen found out that Markus wasn’t exactly the nicest person. They argued about certain actions he took, as well as the fact that he used her to try and get closer to someone else for hours on end before it was finally settled. Everything seemed to be alright until about a year later. Gwen found out that he had been seeing someone else, so she called him out about it in front of his friends. This argument turned violent, Gwen coming out on top and Markus walking away in humiliation. After volleyball practice that day, Markus cornered her and this time, overpowered her. He forced her into… doing things. He then left her there, saying that that was for the first fight. He’d be back to make her pay for humiliating him in front of everyone. (she has a scar at the top of her neck, under her jaw line from this encounter with him)

When she found out about WDW, she had to try it. Her brother had gotten her into MMORPGs, so he took her to the release of WDW. She was ecstatic about playing, so as soon as she got home, she logged in. Now she’s facing the danger of dying every waking moment; Assassins, rogue players, and deadly mobs.

It was everything she wanted in a game. Hi-res graphics, a decent community; adventure….

Until she couldn’t log out.

Gwenivere Levi Rivialle

WDW Pointsettia