The lava that boils to protect others.


Username: Lavanna
Race: Lavaborne (Humanoid/Outsider)
Gender: Female
Class: Dragon Shaman
Hair: Ruby
Eyes: Emerald/ Sapphire (with draconic slits for pupils)
Weight: 125lbs
Height: 5’7"
Birthmark: ‘finger-less gloves’ that go up forearms. (she can control the temperature of her lava)
Birthday: May 15th, 2009
Color (Alignment): Black (Chaotic Evil)


-Revenge on Markus (check)
-Become known through WDW as Lavanna the Protector
-Beat WDW

Known Skills:

Special Qualities:

Fire Resistance: 5 (Immune to Lava)

Lava Swim: This ability allows a Lavaborne to swim in lava (at Base Land Speed), but only their direct clothing will be protected by this ability. All other belongings including weapons/shields will melt/ignite/etc.

Primal State: When Lavanna drops below 25% in battle, she has the option of activating her Primal State. (It happens instantaneously.) When this happens, She enters a state that receives a temporary +2 on AC, and Damage Rolls.(All cloth will burn away) Lavanna gains a bonus 10ft to her movement speed, and her two hands as Lava Claw attacks (2/Round Full Attack) dealing 1d6 Slashing Damage(plus str.) + 1d6 Burn Damage each. The form ends after the encounter is finished.

(Note: This form can only occur only once a day due to the amount of stress it causes the Lavaborne. The Lavaborne MUST have 8 hours of undisturbed sleep to regain usage.)

Treasure Seeker: Lavanna has gotten better at looking for treasure, as well as appraising items for worth and the like


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